Black Point


Despite the winds being back up in the 20’s, we decided to head out of Warderick Wells on the 15th and cruise the roughly 30 miles south to Black Point. Conditions were less than optimal, we had a wet ride into head seas, but not terribly rough. We arrived at Black Point by 1700 hrs, in time to get the dogs ashore and have a short walk before taking the entire crew ashore for a night at Lorraine’s Cafe. Lorraine’s is well-known in the cruising community for the homey style and local Bahamian cooking. We were treated to entertainment during our stay, and enjoyed the atmosphere. Dinner there is on Bahamas time, never rushed!


The following day afforded an opportunity to catch up on a bit of laundry for five, then walked the settlement and later hiked to the beach on the ocean side for some exploring and shelling. There is a blow hole on the ocean side, but it was not particularly spectacular at low tide. Still, the air rushing up through the opening was remarkable; if you peer over the hole, you can pretty much count on losing your hat when the air comes! When the tide’s right, you can pretty much count on getting a soaking along with the rush of air as seawater is propelled some 20-30 feet into the air! We had an interesting time looking at the selection of plastic debris washed ashore, and keeping an eye open for some special finds. Jeri found a hamburger bean, a nice find! They are said to originate in South America and ride the currents north to where they’re washed ashore in the Bahamas!

We enjoyed a relatively calm night even with the wind cranking up in the 20 knot range. Black Point affords great protection, part of the reason for the popularity of the spot. As the winds began to subside Tuesday, we moved further south toward Farmer’s Cay, about 8 miles distant.

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