Black Point

Black Point is a familiar spot, and a popular stopover for cruisers. The Rockside Laundry alone is enough draw for most, and was the primary object of our visit. Although our historically troublesome Splendide has been functioning normally (knock wood), when we know we’ll be stopping at Black Point, it’s worth the bit of extra cost to tote all the laundry to the laundromat to get all the wash done in a fraction of the time it takes to complete the task on board. The game plan was to visit the laundry Monday morning. Our evening stroll through the settlement Saturday evening.

Easter Sunday being Easter Sunday, we attended services at the local church. Not exactly what we were accustomed to after many years of Lutheran liturgy, but it was an Easter celebration, if of a different flavor. Our walk later Sunday afternoon found us with an entourage. More accurately, found Sammy and Molly with an entourage. Bahamian dogs, for the most part live a much different life than our companion dogs, and the local children are wary of any dog, large dogs in particular. Molly’s indefatigable affable nature makes friends everywhere she goes, and she is always beside herself with excitement when faced with an approaching small person! More than the tail wags as she squeals and whines with anticipation of some attention! She has unlimited patience with them, and will play as long as they show an interest. Unfortunately for the uninitiated, she loves to chase! It can be intimidating for an unsuspecting youngster to have her charging after them, but the object of the game is only to get in a lick or beg a couple of ear rubs! After a successful visit to the laundry Monday morning, we decided to head to Staniel Cay and stake out a spot, and catch up on some internet access in preparation for our guest arrivals, an event we are eagerly anticipating!

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