Return to Georgetown

Our return from Water Cay to Georgetown on Good Friday was uneventful, winds were out of the ESE at around 13 kts, so a comfortable cruise. We arrived in Georgetown just before 1600; the game plan was to hit the Exuma Market right after we arrived and do a quick re-provision to enable us to get an early start to Black Point the following morning and arrive before the winds started up. Since Good Friday is a holiday, the market was closed, along with EVERYTHING in the town. Easter is a big holiday here! We were able to make a run to the market Saturday morning, replenish the dinghy fuel, and were underway shortly after 0900 hrs.

The run from Georgetown to points north is outside- an ocean run, so we were keen to complete that run by Saturday afternoon, when winds were predicted to ramp up over 20 kts. We nearly made it, but the winds started to increase as we approached Galliot Cut, about 2-1/2 hours from our intended destination at Dotham Cut. Rather than have a bumpy ride, we ducked into Galliot Cut and made the remainder of the run “inside” where the ride was much smoother. The time differential was inconsequential considering the improvement in comfort!

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