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Just a reminder, I was having a conversation with family yesterday that led me to suspect that it wasn’t clear that the photos in this part of the blog represent only a small percentage of the photos in the gallery.
Photos here are linked to the photo gallery, and clicking on the photo in the blog will open a slide show in the gallery album, starting on that particular photo. The Photo Gallery can also be visited by clicking on the Photo Gallery flag at the top of the page.

We spent a good part of today biking to one of the local dive shops to have annual service completed on Barb’s scuba equipment. We also found a good buy on some used equipment the dive shop had gotten in, so yours truly finally got a regulator and gauge console. Another stop at a second dive shop revealed they had some dive computers on sale as a closeout, so we now have completed our basic dive equipment procurement. If the weather ever cooperates, we may load up the dink and head out to the ocean side, there are a number of good dive areas within easy reach by dinghy where we can comfortably re-acquaint ourselves with our dive skills.

Here’s a view of some of the sights on the way to the dinghy dock, about a 3/4 mile jaunt….


And the view from the cockpit earlier this evening.


The weatherman says it’s going to be warmer tomorrow!!

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