Warderick Wells

We left Shroud Cay Tuesday morning bound for Warderick Wells. We picked up a mooring in the Emerald Rock mooring field and enjoyed calm conditions. Warderick Wells is the Exuma Land & Sea Park headquarters, and has internet, our first in nearly two weeks. For ten bucks, you get a 24 hour connection with a 100 MB data limit. So we were able to post some pictures, but blog updates are lagging.

We did some hiking, making the trek across the stretch of rock that was home to the Davis Plantation ruins, dating from the Loyalist period when there were settlements on the cay. It’s hard to imagine life then, although we’re told that during that time there was some older timber remaining as well as some topsoil. In the long time since, the timber has all been removed and the topsoil is gone. Still, interesting to try to envision life then; it had to have been quite a difficult existence. We shared the anchorage with some of the other Selenes that we’ve been working our way south with. Our weather has been staying quite nice, winds are light with temps in the 70’s.

We stayed for two days and on Thursday dropped the mooring. We headed for Cambridge Cay, a 13 mile cruise south.

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  1. Karen on 18 Mar 2011 at 11:47 AM #

    Just took a minute away from work to check out the newest pics. Looks like you and your visitors are enjoying your time together…(says the jealous little sister!). I miss you guys and hope you’re not having too much fun. It’s finally nice here today, in the 70’s and sunny, and I’m sitting behind a stupid desk at work. Grrr…

    Love you,