Oh there’s no place like home….

….for the holidays, as the song goes!

We arrived at Harbortown Marina (Cape Canaveral) shortly before noon, and proceeded to the fuel dock- in with the new and out with the old. (Pump out & fuel up!) Fuel is as cheap as we’ve seen it since we bought Maerin, so we took on 400 gallons. Diesel here is $1.87/gal. plus sales tax. According to cruisers net, that’s about the lowest price in Florida. We’re gambling that it won’t go down in the week we’re away!

We have the rental loaded up, we’re ready to start our land cruise in the morning to Pennsylvania and some homemade pumpkin pie. We have mixed feelings about leaving the warmth of the Florida sun for the icy cold of PA, but we’ll take comfort in knowing we’ll be back in a week. Our new-found friend Mike, here at Harbortown reminded us that every hundred miles it gets about 8 degrees warmer! Mike is a T&T list subscriber, and cruiser. He graciously took me to pick up the rental, and is looking after Maerin in our absence. Such hospitality is not unusual in the cruising community, and Harbortown Marina has lots of cruisers. We’re looking forward to returning to spend a couple of days before we head south to Stuart and the Selene Rendezvous, to be held Jan. 9-11. Should be a great time!

Merry Christmas to all!!

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