Cape May

Our cruise from Atlantic City to Cape May was much more enjoyable than the previous day’s time in the wash cycle, and was punctuated by lots of activity on the trolling lines, with at least a half dozen blues caught. None nearly as big as the first one, but lots of action and some exciting diversion! We arrived at Utch’s Marina just before 1500 hrs, and took advantage of our proximity to the seafood market to supplement our evening meal with some fresh shrimp and scallops. We added the scallops to the steaks on the grille, for a tasty surf & turf grille special! Much better than the blue fish, which despite our best efforts to promptly gut and bleed out, found us both asking each other, “how’d you like the blue fish??” We agreed that the remainder of the blues would be strictly catch and release. I don’t believe we slathered enough mayonnaise onto the filet before we baked them!

Utch’s has been a frequent stopover for us, and makes a good jump off point for the run up the Delaware Bay. Our plan was to leave before sunrise to take advantage of the strong flood current to get a speed boost in the morning.

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