St. Peter’s

We arrived at St. Peter’s about 1330 and tied to the end of the pier at the Lions Club Marina. It’s a small marina, very nicely kept, and very pleasant folks there. We arrived early enough to clean the salt from the boat from our previous few days runs and do a bit of laundry in the marina building to supplement our on board laundry. Barb usually has our machine loaded and ready to go, she starts it as soon as we connect to shore power! Given the scarcity of 50 amp connections, we’ve been utilizing our 30 amp shore power cord with a “dog bone” – a short adapter cord with a plug on each end- to enable us to connect to a single 30 amp outlet. It really simplifies our shore connection, but won’t run any of the A/C gear which we haven’t needed anyway.

St. Peter’s is a small town about a 10 minute walk from the Marina. There’s the usual grocery store, hardware, and a few shops, and the pace is fairly laid back. We walked into town after we got situated and washed the boat on our return. After supper, we walked back to town, and around to the swing bridge and lock we transited earlier in the day. We saw the original canal house, and some information panels describing the origins of the canal dating back to the 1600’s as a trading post. The whole of Nova Scotia has a very rich history, with much of it beginning here on Cape Breton.

We’ll leave St. Peter’s in the morning, and head for Baddeck at the northern part of the lake.

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