Escape from Pictou

We’ll finally will be leaving Pictou bright and early Wednesday. Not that it’s an unpleasant place, it’s not. We were ready to leave Saturday morning, but Fed Ex and the Municipal marina seemed to be conspiring to keep us dockside. The electronic Canadian charts we ordered came from Baltimore, go figure. Because of poor communications, the marina returned them, and I was able to have Fed Ex intercept the return, and it was initially supposed to be delivered Friday, but had already made it to Montreal, so delivery was impossible until Monday. So we waited out the weekend, and when Monday rolled around, I took a stroll to the marina office down the street a few blocks from our pier to see if Fed Ex had delivered yet. On my way, I spotted a Fed Ex door tag on the entrance to the closed Hector Quay visitors center. Oh, no…. it couldn’t be. Yep, Fed Ex left a door tag about trying to deliver a package and nobody home. Arrrrrgggh! Yes, it was “the package”, the tracking number looked too familiar. They had attempted delivery to the wrong address! A few more calls to Fed Ex revealed that their driver had left the area (the planet, maybe?) so it would be re-delivered Tuesday. Uh, that’s the best you can do after delivering to the wrong address after having delivered it to the correct address on at least two previous occasions?? Uh-huh…. Sorry. Arrrrggh!
So Tuesday, I camped out at the marina office, I was taking no chances. When 1:30 came, one hour after the previous day’s delivery, I was on the phone to Fed Ex… oh, you again. The driver hasn’t been to Pictou yet. Good! He’ll be there after 3PM. I’ll wait. So the charts are here, installed, and we’re ready to go!
One advantage to having waited, the wind which has been blowing like stink ever since we arrived has laid, and tonight is the calmest yet. It looks like we’ll have a very quiet night in comparison with the past few. A welcome change!

Tomorrow’s cruise will take us southward through the Strait of Canso, and then northeast to Cape Breton and the Bras d’Or Lakes. The Bras d’Or (bruh-DOOR) Lakes enjoy the reputation as the finest cruising area in the Maritimes, and perhaps all of the northeast. Anchorages are plentiful and scenic, and lots to see. It will be a nice change of pace to be on the hook, we have not had the anchor wet since….. uh, I have to check the log….. Anse a l’Orignal (Moose Cove) on 19 July. And that was the only time we had the dinghy wet since Atlantic City, NJ! We’re looking forward to the experience!

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