Cornwall, Ontario


We got an early start in Brockville, heading to a local bake shop for an early morning stroll, double duty to get the pups out and pick up some goodies for breakfast which was to be prepared underway. We shoved off around 0800, bound for Cornwall. Our cruise would take us through the Iroquois, Eisenhower, and Snell Locks, our first locking in the St. Lawrence. The Iroquois lock is primarily for current control, we dropped about 8 inches. Very anticlimactic! The Eisenhower and Snell Locks were in the 48 ft range, both locking down, so a very gentle locking. Not much different than the Erie Canal locks, but lots bigger! We had to wait at the Eisenhower lock for a ship to come up, and did so tied to the pleasure craft dock with a sailboat and express cruiser rafted to us. Molly was keen for a swim as hot as it was, and soon was joined by


everyone in turn! Except Bill who was content with foot dangling. Water temps in the high 60’s provided a refreshing break from the heat and passed the hour waiting for the ship to lock through. Locking was interesting, and because we were locking down, not at all turbulent. Big locks!
We arrived at Cornwall around 1800 hrs. in time for some marinated steaks on the grille and a stroll around the local parks. We’ll explore more of the town Wednesday, and Bill & Eleanor have plans to catch a train back to Kingston to pick up their vehicle and head back home. We’ll be sad to see them go, it’s always an exciting time when the Eicher’s are on board!!


We’ll stay a day in Cornwall to reprovision. The marina is in the process of a major renovation, slips are in place, but there’s no power, so we ran the generator last night for A/C, not our preference, but beats sweltering! Thursday will take us to Montreal!

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