Palm Beach & points north (and West)

Our trip from Ft. Lauderdale north to Stuart entailed a stopover at Riviera Beach, and Singer Island. We landed the dogs at Phil Foster Park, currently in the final stages of construction. The park makes a great stopover point, the Anchorage is not listed in any of the cruising guides, but we found it to be a fine overnight alternative to typically crowded upper Lake Worth. FWIW, sailbotes are allowed to anchor very close to power boats, but trawlers are not permitted to be anywhere close to a sailbote, because as everyone knows, trawlers have a mysteriously shaped hull that can cause sailbote anchors to be attracted and thus come undone from the bottom. Thus sayeth the sailboters.

Gimme a break. Barb warns me not to trifle with anchor karma, so I can say no more.

Speaking of karma, yesterday was a payoff day, as I witnessed a 52 ft. brand-spanking new Sea Ray by the name of Tango, come blasting past the marina and mooring field complete with monster wake that promised to re-arrange the contents of the refrigerator. He passed the red marker (now, is that red right, or red, left?) and the sound changed as he lurched to a sudden stop.  He literally walked around the cockpit scratching his head. I hope my radio call reminding him that the pointy red things on the post go on the right was helpful. It must have been, as he unfortunately was able to back off and did resume his travel on the correct side of the marker. Undaunted, he slammed the throttles ahead and headed on to his next calamity.

Affording one and knowing what to do with it aren’t necessarily mutually inclusive. Sometimes there is a glimmer of justice.

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