Why Maerin?

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Why Maerin?

Choosing a name is probably more challenging than finding the “right” boat.  A boat name reflects the owners’ style, and often speaks volumes about them.  Maerin is named for a mermaid whose name, according to folklore, is associated with ancient derivations of Mari or Mary, a name with roots to mother earth or Mer, having ties to the sea.  Mermaids are said to have mystical powers over those who go to sea, and since we have always had a passion for boating and cruising, Maerin seemed appropriate.  The name is unique, and of course, according to the Admiral, the decorating possibilities are limitless!

During our naming ceremony, special supplications were made to the sea gods, Poseidon ruler of the Deep, Great Boreas, exalted ruler of the North Wind; Great Zephyrus, exalted ruler of the West Wind; Great Eurus, exalted ruler of the East Wind; and finally, Great Notus, exalted ruler of the South Wind.

……………..it can’t hurt!

Here’s a video clip from the naming ceremony, it was a lot of fun even if it did rain most of the day. I’m sure the gods enjoyed the champagne, we were warned not to be stingy, it can create bad karma with the gods.

OK, so the ingot was a hunk of plain steel with the old name painted on in tempera paint, but it met every requirement!

You’ll find some things aboard with the mermaid theme, we try to give her some respect, according to all the folklore we’ve read, mermaids are not to be trifled with, they can make things very bad for those who fall out of favor with them.


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